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Best iOS 12 File Transfer Tool.

Are you looking for the best alternative for iTunes? Then you should download latest iTools It has been identified that iPhone, iPad and iPod owners in every corner of the world go ahead download iTools X as a replacement for iTunes.Before you go ahead with iTools 4 free download, it is important to have a clear understanding on what this tool is and what it can do for you.


iTools 4 What exactly it is? .

iTools 4 is the most impressive and the best file transfer tool that is compatible with iOS 11, iOS 12 and Windows or MAC. iTools 4 download has a wonderful collection of features that support through both pleasure and moral obligation. iTools 4 is compatible with iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S,iPhone 5, iPhone 5C,iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS.

iTools 4 supports Windows 10, 8, 8.1 and vista. Download iTools 4 MAC version for MAC users.

iTools 4 is the best alternative for iTunes. As you already know, iTunes is the official Apple store that offers media content and other related stuff to you. Whenever you come across the need to download a video or a song, you visit iTunes. ITunes is a comprehensive library that contains an array of digital media content. It is possible for iOS users to download ringtones, movies and music files from iTunes. ITools 4 offers the same functionality. iTools 4 is similar to iTunes and there aren’t any major differences. All the key features that you can see in ITunes can be found as iTools 4 features. Even the look and feel is same.


Backup and Restore

With iTools 4 Download, iPhone, iPad or iPod users will not have to go through any hassle when taking backups of their devices and restoring them. This would make sure that no data is lost. To take a backup of the device, a user should just go to the iTools 4 interface and select backup button. The restore button can be used to restore that backup at any time.


Air Player

Now it would be possible for you to view images, view documents, edit documents, browse the internet, watch videos and play games on your iPod, iPad or iPhone via your Mac PC or Windows PC with AirPlayer. The screen of your iOS device can also be shared, which becomes useful when attending a meeting or a party.


Battery Master

Along with iTools 4 download, all users will be provided with comprehensive access to Battery Master. It can provide useful insights about the battery, such as voltage, capacity, temperature, current drawn, fully charged cycles and overall health. In addition, users can take control over their iOS device batteries with iTools X Battery Master.

iTools 4 Features.

Here is a detailed explanation of iTools 4 features that you will be able to experience.

iTools 4 Features
iTools 4 download
iTools 4 Latest

Image Tool.

All the people who go through iTools 4 download for iOS 11 will be able to gain access to an exciting image tool. It has the ability to preview images with their original resolution. It is possible to use this tool and share the images across Windows and Mac PCs. It can also be used to create new albums, delete existing albums, sort the images and properly organize them in different folders.

Data Migration.

If you are switching your iPod, iPhone or iPad into a new device, you would get the need to migrate all your data. With iTools 4 free, you will be provided with data migration capabilities as well. With this tool, it is possible to move almost all the data files, including audios, videos, images, PDF files and text documents.

Icon Arranger.

The icons on your iPod, iPhone or iPad would look messy. In such a situation, you need to arrange them properly. With iTools 4, you will be provided with an Icon Arranger, which can be used to organize all icons properly. It would only take a couple of minutes to arrange hundreds of icons according to your personal preferences. Icons that you no longer need can also be removed with this feature.

Ringtone Maker

You no longer have to live with the ringtones that come along with your device. That’s because iTools 4 MAC can provide the ability to create new ringtones. It is possible to use songs or your own voice recordings as the ringtone. In fact, any audio file can easily be transformed into the ringtone with Ringtone Maker.

iTools like the iTunes Store

Yeah, that's it. For iDevice users, like iPad Touch, iPhone , and iPad, iTools is the solution. On the iTools download, all the key features that you come across from iTunes are accessible. You'd find the location of the menu bar close. There is also a menu bar on the left in the current alternative store to iTunes.

Brief Guide – iTools

Later, in the post, the features of the new store will be described to you. Some of its characteristics will be provided here to catch a glimpse of the outline. This store gets access to your iDevice 's entire file system. Your PC gives it control. This new program also facilitates organisation of your media collection. Music, images or videos may also be synchronized. Your applications can also be handled. You can uninstall them if you want to, or make backups. There are a few other interesting things that users can come across other than these features. This software is designed for content editing and contents management. Notes can be made, and for you, there is a calendar. Another feature is that iTools synchronizes data from the tablets. The Battery Master will send you details about your battery. It will show the power of the batteries, along with their boot voltage and serial number. It's marvelous to explore the newest features of this famous substitute. You could make a move, and you could get rid of the monotonous life you had with iTunes. Come on and make a shift.

itool - Try Out

Would you like to know if this option is free of charge? Yes, they're free to apply. Download iTools 2020, and download iTools is free. The difference between iTools and iTools4 is that this latter edition was the big one. It is well known as a freeware program for Windows operating systems (32-bit and 64-bit). The 64-bit iTools is the version designed for Windows and 64-bit computers.

Highlight of iTools

The tool converts mp3 formats into m4r easily and empties garbage from your computer. Video files can be converted to mp4, too. Also it can be done to share between devices. Users interested in recent applications will find it fascinating that this program is better suited as an iDevice manager for use in PCs. This software doesn't have advertisements or plugins. Things get simple with this iPhone manager; in one way it has a one-click technique where you will be able to handle things in a few minutes. For iBooks, it's also fine.

Does the software function for jailbroken devices only?

No, the difference is no. The software is designed to operate on jailbroken devices and non-jailbroken devices as well. In both types of computers, it is the same machine that operates.

ITools- Best of Features

You can scan for lyrics with this Web app. The iBook choice assists in importing and exporting PDFs and Epubs. The software handles images and collections, too. It also helps to handle the docking of folder icons. You can also handle personal information such as contacts, texts, notes, safari bookmarks, call history.

ITools - Pros and cons

You will separately get the benefits and drawbacks from the software. As you see, going through the test, you'd see some good and few negative aspects of the software for yourself. First of all, if we talk about the pros, you'd see this app as the perfect alternative to iTunes. All iTunes features can be found on this app.

Is not it great to find applications that are similar? One or the other, you can choose. Then, during the installation process, the app is smooth and you can come across some features that Apple does not have. Everything that is on earth has both a plus side and a minus side. This app has both its positive and negative aspects too. As we spoke about some of the pros, what are their contras? Some of the drawbacks are that loading is sluggish at times, and the iTunes store has less access.

iTool Available for Windows

Yes, the Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 application are compatible with this. What is the important thing to know about his new app? The software comes in English, and Thinksky has created it. Using iTools Engilsh for Windows you can install apps by the steps below. You'll need to open iTools first and get it linked to your iOS computer. "Next, click on the button at the bottom of the app," Setup. The next move is to get the application you want to get on to your computer with the .ipa file. Get started with the app after completing the installation process

ITools – Tips

Latest edition of iTools is iTools. This Software allows all Apple devices to be handled. This is the easiest way to get the user interface at Apple-free. There is a new function in this update, which is the Ringtone Creator. You are not going to find the gadget in the iTunes store. That app is something else. It is possible to change all your songs into ringtones.

ITools - Tips for Windows

How is it necessary for Windows to have iTools? You should have iTools Windows and with the aid of this app, there is a simple way to move music. Music is rapidly transferred to your Apple device from your device to the machine and the machine. You will no longer have to worry about synchronizing your iPhone with your computer as the app backups your files. You can also export the images to your computer from your Apple unit. The images you export can be previewed in their original resolutions later on. The Ringtone Creator iTools helps you clip a melody into your favorite tune.

Which devices are compatible with iTools 4 download?

Before you go for iTools 4 download, you should be aware of the compatible devices. This tool is compatible with iPhones from iPhone 1 up to iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 / 8 Plus and iPhone X iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS. On the other hand, iPads from iPad 1 to iPad Pro are also supported. The iPod compatibility ranges from first generation to sixth generation. In fact, iTools 4 is compatible with up to iOS 12. The iTools 4 Windows system requirements are pretty basic. A person should need to have a Windows computer with Intel or AMD processor; with 750MHz processing power and 256MB RAM to proceed with iTools 4 download. 40MB of space from the hard disk needs to be allocated for this tool.

iTools for Mac

The iTools Mac version is designed specifically for Macintosh computer and laptop management of iOS-based devices. With the Mac version of iTools, you can get quick and stable iOS management experience. Download the Mac app, and take incredible benefits.

iTools for iPad

iTools iPad is a version that can handle iPad photos, contacts, folders, ringtones, etc. You 're able to handle all iPad models up to iOS 12. The backup and restore functionality works on this iTools iPad edition too

System and Hardware Requirements

iTools iOS management tool is the best management tool for iOS-based devices like iPhone , iPad, iPod, Apple Watch. The iTools supports all iOS versions including the iOS 11 and the iOS 12. The iTools iOS 11 is designed to handle iOS 11 based devices and the iTools iOS 12 is designed to manage iOS 12 based devices. You can handle all the iOS versions using the new iTools update.

Try iTools 4 Download Now...

Now you have a clear understanding about the features offered by iTools 4. Therefore, you can simply move ahead with iTools 4 download without keeping any doubt in mind. This tool is offered completely for free. You will never be asked to make a payment when you go ahead. It is compatible with both 32 bit and 64 bit Windows operating systems.

Download iTools 2020.